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I totally geeked out during my second day of work.  I was reviewing outlines for an English 101 course LRI (learning resource instruction), following the sample searches another librarian put together.  I became unbelievably enthused over reconnecting with the databases, which had been my bread and butter as a high school librarian, and also over learning about a few new resources.  It was a welcome reminder of the plethora of GOOD information that’s out there.  Instead of creating thoughtful searches, so many people just end up creating verbs from nouns (i.e., “google it”).  It can be so much more!  I know I’m slightly rusty, but can’t wait to regain some of my expertise in the arena and help students become better information chasers.  See, I’m getting excited just writing about it!  Total geek-out!

Some favorite things/moments from this past week:

http://www.usa.gov – great go-to website for anyone.  It’s like the white cardigan in your closet.  In outfitting yourself for an information exploration, you select the items that best fit the task.  A white cardigan is a staple in any wardrobe.  You don’t always wear it, but you should always have one readily available.

VHS tapes – old, but not useless.  Some instructors still want to use them.  Sure, you can still use them, but should you?  I say it’s time to throw out the mom jeans.  Habit, security blanket, lack of interest or fear of anything new…whatever the reason you still hold on to them, they’re not doing anything for you.  There are other ways to dress for the chase.

pie – I helped one of the mature students with some basic computer stuff and she talked my ear off about how she hasn’t eaten for three days, because she likes to eat too much cooks great pies, but will soon pig out at a big barbecue.  It was lovely interacting with people again.  She gave me a big ‘ole hug when we were done, I told her I wanted a pie next time and we both had a good laugh.  It’s not about the pie, it’s about helping people.  Connecting people with what they’re looking for is incredibly rewarding.  I ❤ being a librarian.