A recent class discussion post had me reflecting upon the history of education in our country.  I noted from my reading* the impact of technology and science upon our nation’s approach to teaching and wrote so in my response.  My teacher then asked me about media technology and information technology in our world today and, as much as I already know and believe about the matter, I surprised myself with what I came up with.  Below, with a few revisions, is my reply.

Current technology has created a very unusual dynamic in our culture, both domestically and internationally.  Technology has connected people, but at the same time, isolated people.  We can connect with each other…from the seclusion of our own homes.  Still, as I type this, social media has created (what I would call) a tsunami of demonstrations all over the world mostly against corporate and large financial institution power.  As we see in such demonstrations, social media and technology allow people to come together very quickly, uniting across states and countries.  It’s a new type of social activism.  Movement spreads very fast, digitally and in person.  Those that might not otherwise know about or become engaged in societal events now have the knowledge and ability to with the aid of technology.

I’m not sure what you would call this era of society and technology.  The online world has deconstructed how we used to see things and given the individual the power to reconstruct the world in his or her own fashion.  It’s the Deconstructed Individualist-Reconstructed Enlightenment.


*The History of Curriculum in American Schools: from the pilgrims to the present by Angela Hodges Edgar, Ed.D.