I was soooo done with education and I told as much to those who cared.  (Thanks for listening Mom, Dad and Hubby)  However, the unemployment office has made me an offer that I can’t refuse.  They are offering tuition waivers.  I wasn’t interested in pursuing any additional coursework for my current profession, school library media specialist.  I was really hoping to take this time to explore an adventurous career in…indexing.  I know, not the coolest sounding thing to many people, but I was sure it would be the answer for me.  A career that I could do freelance from home, have a flexible schedule for my kids and the more I work, the more money I could bring in.  I was imagining myself spending glorious hours reading and reviewing texts on any topic possible and creating the best index ever for books, periodicals or databases.  Not possible, you might say.  Yes!  Dream job to me for sure.

However, my safety net is returning to school librarianship.  If indexing doesn’t cut it in time for unemployment benefits and savings to run out, then I would need to go back to what I was doing.  With a tuition waiver, I could pursue a short certificate program giving me the ability to apply for supervisory positions in schools and possibly move up into curriculum and instruction, which had been a budding interest during this past year.  It’s not just that I would get to do this, but I would get to do it for free.  If indexing doesn’t work and I return to being a school librarian, I would eventually want to get this certificate so I could move up in my career.  That would mean paying for it later instead of getting it for free now.

My issue is I would need to put indexing on hold because it is doubtful I would be able to take the college course and an indexing course without having to shell out money for preschool/daycare to have the time to do all of the work.  The other option would be to do the bulk of the work at night, but that would mean anytime after 9 pm and if I have to lose any more sleep that I already do, I might really and truly lose it.  It’s hard enough finding time to keep up with my blogging.

So, do I forgo a short-term potentially long-term career for something that has a more assured future?  I know that nothing is ever certain in the future, but I would like to plan for something to take me a while down the road at least.  That is, until my genius is recognized, an editor takes me on and I publish my New York Times bestseller fiction series.