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Not all information on the Internet is bad.  Not all print information is good.  There are numerous arguments to the value of one over the other.  I maintain the position that both are needed, but believe that print needs defending much more than the Internet does.

“Print” does not mean that you’ve printed something from a computer.  (Yes, I have had to make that distinction before).  It refers to media or content that has been physically published.  “Digital” is content that exists …well, in the digital landscape.  Many advancements in communication are attributed to digital information and the evolution of the Internet.  It would be quite easy to list many merits of the Internet, but, as I’ve said, that’s not what I am going to do.  The Internet may be young, fast, and glitzy, but print media brings age, experience and a few other good general qualities that should be kept in mind.

Why should you care?  Well, the Internet is not going away and I wouldn’t want it to, but print may if we are not mindful of why it is important and prevent its continued deterioration.  And we need it to stick around, trust me.

Without further digression (this is, after all, supposed to be a tidbit), here I begin.

1 – It takes money to make.  Anything requiring money means someone has to care enough to invest in it.  Investment comes with risk.  Risk adds value.  Anyone with access to the Internet and a rudimentary understanding of it can post whatever information he or she would like to online with little-to-no risk.  It does not have to involve fact-checking, accountability, required education or skills, or any discretion.  It is up to the viewer to discern good from bad and the real problem is that most don’t take the time to do so adequately.  The person who put information online can do so without risk to him or herself, but places others, places you at risk of consuming bad information.

Tums, anyone?