Matilda’s Tidbits coming soon, I know, I know.  Hey, you can’t rush greatness.  In the meantime…

Every so often I want to stop time and capture a perfect memory forever.  I want a pensieve, like Dumbledore’s, so I can save and protect the memory, able to look at it whenever I want.  For example, I love it when both of my little boys are asleep.  (No, that’s not what I want to capture, although it is wonderful when it happens.)  It’s when I have to wake them that I often get a perfect moment to cherish.

I love slowly opening the door and seeing my 3 year old asleep, dead to the world, blankets askew, teddy in a stranglehold, and the favored book of the month peaking out from under his body.  His face is usually slightly flushed and I begin the waking process by sitting next to him and brushing his hair off his forehead.  He squirms and his eye flicker open, then closed and he squirms some more.  A hand scratches his head and I watch him wake gradually.  He likes to pretend that he’s still asleep even when I know he is definitely awake and that’s when I start tickling him lightly and snuggling my face in his neck.  He can’t help but let a smile crack.  Today he pulled an arm out and put it around my neck, giving me a big warm hug, pulling me in toward the bed with him.  I lifted him up into a bear hug on my lap and rocked back and forth for a moment.  He is perfect in moments like these.  No whining, no pulling dogs’ tails, no time-outs, no pretending he’s a dinosaur or roaring around the house.  My perfect little creation is in my arms and my heart is bursting with love for him.

Then, once the older one is awake, had a drink of milk or juice or whatever and is sitting watching some Sesame Street, I go to the younger one, who has finally started stirring.  I creep in the nursery to my 5 month old and I can see a hand grabbing a foot and hear a contented cooing.  I walk over to the crib and his little head jerks a little as he sees me and then, a burst of sunshine, he breaks into a huge grin, his face lights up, bright blue eyes wide, and he kicks his feet in quick succession.  That smile just makes everything sweeter.  I talk softly to him for a few seconds and he responds with more happy coos and grabbing of his feet.  When I finally pick him up, he grabs for my shirt, hair and whatever else his little hands may hold.  Instead of immediately removing my poor strands from his death grip, I just pull him in close and smell his warmness and tell him that we’re going downstairs to see his big brother.

These are the moments that help me get by all of the other moments, like the car breaking down, unemployment, the dog wrecking the curtains, loosing my temper at the kids or my husband.  These are the moments that serve to remind me that as difficult as life may be, I have it pretty darn good.  So, I try to savor them when I get them and etch them in my mind forever.