They say write what you know.  Since my fantastic new fiction series has not yet been picked up by a publisher (mostly because I haven’t had time to finish it), I’ve decided to start writing about what I know.  Information seeking.

I recently inquired with an organization to write tips for job searching, interviewing and resume writing.  They informed me they are not paying for submissions and will reserve the rights to the work, meaning that I would not be able to sell anything I submit to them to anyone else.  Phooey on that!  Then it occurred to me that I do know some things that are helpful to people in navigating the information world.  There is no better place to write what I know than on my own blog!  So, I will begin posting media literacy tips; searching techniques, resources and help on researching jobs, baby stuff, medical advice and so on.  I will post tips for the everyday person to follow.

Not only will I be able to continue the work I was trained to do, but I will be striving to reach a greater audience, advocating for a stronger media literate society. (cue Indiana Jones theme)  Like the work of Renee Hobbs and the Knight Commission (see my “Of Interest” articles), I believe that our democracy will be improved by a more media literate citizenship and I believe that I can contribute something worthwhile.  I had been focused on this goal while working as a high school librarian before budget cuts cut my job.  Now, I will simply turn my focus to every and anyone who cares to read my blog. (shout out to my hubby)  The sky’s the limit!

Look for my first post in this new series coming soon!  (Any catchy title suggestions?  Media Literacy Tips sounds a bit formal, but it’s all I have time to think of right now)