>I am back to work!  Well, not full-time.  Not part-time either really.  Just one day a week in my own home while my kids are with my mother-in-law.  I’m not getting paid either, but I can have all the coffee I want.  Yeah, perks.

As much as I have loved my time as a high school librarian and as much as it has pained me so many schools across America, such as where I was working, cut their librarians like split ends, I am nervous and excited about the new chapter in my life.  I maintain my passion for media literacy and hope to entwine it in a future career path connected to any or all of the following: libraries, media, information, and writing.  Entering the world of twitter and blogging has been a wake up call.  I am finding a voice for myself and strangely, feel connected to the world even in my isolation.  Plus, after a few months of nothing but mommyhood, it is nice to get reacquainted with my professional brain.  That and a full night’s sleep and I feel human again.

I am determined to be successful in my pursuits, believing that my skills and knowledge are truly worthwhile.  I am patting myself on my back and giving myself a pep talk.  I know I can do this.  I just need to find the right path.

First thing’s first, though, I need a refill…heeeeey, someone forgot to make a fresh pot.  Oops, that was me.