>My infant is starting to grab my hair with his little fist and pull it as hard as he can into his mouth, which is pretty hard.  I can safely say that about half of my hair has been forcefully pulled from my head by him, followed by me opening his claws to get it and attempting to put it in the garbage instead of letting it collect on the floor with the rest of the dog hair, dust and dirt.

I’ve watched a lot of “What Not To Wear” and often wondered how these women would let themselves go so easily.  Being home with two young children and not having a job, I can see just how easily one can slip from having a moderate-to-good sense of style and being able to apply some basic make-up to just not caring.  I want clothes that fit, that can wash easily and I’m happy if I get some moisturizer and concealer on my face.  The only must for my day is a shower.  I don’t even bother blow drying my hair any more.  Going to the grocery store?  Pu-lease, a workout outfit is more befitting than pretty shoes and separates.  Is my ponytail perfect?  No.  Did I care once upon a time? Yes.  Do I now?  No.  Do I have hopes of returning to some semblance of a human being at some point in my life?  Yes.  Maybe by then, my wardrobe and hair style will have deteriorated to the point where my husband can nominate me for What Not to Wear.

Here’s to letting yourself go!

Oh, what the heck.  I have a few seconds for lip gloss.