>So, I recently found out that I might be losing my job…again…for the second year in a row.  Yay.  I mean it.  Twisted, I know.  It comes with a sense of freeing, though.  As in, I feel free from the ties of having a job.  No, I am not independently wealthy and, yes, I do need an income for my family to maintain our current life style.  A steady wage is undeniably good, but it does hinder one from exploring other options because it is easy to want to stay safe.  Fortunately, life is telling me something.  It’s giving me a kick in the arse.  Not many people would enjoy the prospect of being out of work (did I mention it’s for the second year in a row?), but I am determined to.

See, last year when I faced unemployment, I prepared myself by thinking of alternate careers and job options to pursue.  I got excited thinking about what opportunities might lie ahead for me.  Then, I was offered my job back and knew that I would be an idiot to refuse it seeing that I was pregnant and it was anyone’s guess as to how long unemployment benefits would actually last.  I decided to take my job back, put my family first and shelve other career aspirations for the time being.  Now, with not one but two young’uns, it seems that these prospects might be back on the table.  Who am I to ignore the hint that life is so indelicately shoving in my face?

Now I am free to find the person(s) who will recognize my genius and pay me generously for it.  Any takers?