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>Somehow I managed to find my zen this morning.  I had two kids crying at the same time.  One naked on the potty and the other squirming in the play pen.  I took a sip of coffee every few minutes, managed to get the naked one to read a book, pee, eat a Pez, and put on training underpants for the first time, while intermittently picking up the small one to bounce around for a minute.  I did this all without breaking down in sobs or loosing my cool with the naked one.  I even remained calm and pretended to put lotion on Teddy so the naked one would let me put lotion on him and get him dressed.  By the time that was done, the little one was done crying and instead, stared at the stuffed elephant hanging in front of him.  I applauded myself and drank some more coffee.

Like I said, I somehow managed to find my zen this morning…either that or I was still comatose from lack of sleep.