>Perhaps it was my own perspective as an educator and a librarian that so much of what I have been reading in the NETP makes complete sense.  I am learning some things, which tends to happen when you read, but hardly any of what is written is rocket science to me.  Again, I am reading from the perspective of an educator and a librarian, so I recognize a great majority of what I am reading can be or already is supported by school librarians.  DUH!  Integrating technology, instructing students on the use of a huge variety of resources, emphasizing the process so that students grasp a better understanding of the how and the why, thus becoming lifelong learners, rather that fact-regurgitators…I already know all of this!

I feel both validated and sad at this understanding.  I feel validated in the sense that I am doing right!  I am ahead of the curve!  Yes, we need to be doing these things Mr. Secretary of Education and yes, I am doing my part!  Yet, I feel sad because none of what I have read so far has acknowledged what school libraries (properly staffed by professional school librarians) have been contributing to education in this capacity nor does it recognize what they could be contributing with adequate support in the form of staffing regulations and funding.  I feel as if we have been collectively screaming our heads off and no one seems to notice that we are here willing and ready to play our vital role in bringing education into the 21st Century!

When oh when will I get to the part of this plan that discusses how school library media centers contribute to media literacy?  Come on, Mr. Secretary, am I really the only one who sees how 1 and 1 make 2?