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>In the digital age, librarians are pioneers – The Boston Globe

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I guess it’s difficult to call oneself “rogue” when there are so many others trying to the same thing.  So many librarians are breaking the molds, moving with the times, and sprinting to stay ahead.  I think it’s more than an effort to stay relevant.  I believe librarians have always been relevant, but it’s the concept of the librarian in the 21st century that has changed.  Habits and misconceptions are hard to break.  Yes, I like my glasses (see 5/17/10 post), but it’s more than just an image for me.  I like surprising people.  It’s fun to be unexpected, though I know at times I can be entirely predictable (at least that’s what my husband says).  It’s a personal challenge to me as a librarian to surprise people, show them that we are not what we once were and have them see what we are today.  When it’s not surprising anyone anymore, then I’ve done my job.

These times are a changin’ and so are librarians, the places they work and the people they serve.  What’s your idea of a librarian and how has it changed, if at all?  Anyone?  Bueller??