>I never intended to become a librarian. I didn’t know what I would become, but always knew that the most important thing in my life would be my family. I never aspired for anything beyond being a wife and a mother. Anything else would be secondary. I am both of those things now and am thankful for it, but along the way I discovered a passion for all things library. I don’t know exactly how it happened, but I landed on this path and I love being a librarian. It’s up there with being “wife” and “mother”. I have embraced a newfound dorkiness that perhaps had always existed, but squashed during the era of teenagedom, when being “just like everyone else” was my priority #1. These days I wear my library card like a badge and basque in the glow of people coming to me needing information. Organization, cataloging, books, databases, reading, indexes, RESEARCH…ooo, that’s some good pillow talk. Give me a glass of wine, a computer, some books and a good marc record and I am in heaven. I was even happy to find my almost perfect vision weakening from the strain of reading a computer screen all of the time (I will deny deny deny that age had anything to do with it). GLASSES! Finally, my image would be complete! Yep, I want to shout from cyberspace, “I am a librarian and I am proud!”

Ok, now that I’ve done that, this is my mission; to do what I love and find the means to do it. I had been doing that, but a hard-headed politician stuck a stick in the spokes of my wheels and now I’m sitting on the side of the road trying to figure out how to get moving and the direction to go in. This blog, this online confessional will propel me onward because going anywhere is better than staying in the same place.

Plus, I want to save the world. That’s not too much on one plate, right?